The Arc Angels specialise in fibreglass and carbon fibre advanced composites within the automotive world, implementing the latest composite technologies and aerodynamic design to achieve maximum performance both on the track and road.

We offer:

  • A spectrum of Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, and Fibreglass options in most of our products to meet your particular race / road requirements.
  • Use of the latest composite technologies and aerodynamic design to achieve maximum performance
  • Quality Carbon Fibre exposed weave option available for most products
  • Bespoke orders undertaken

Advanced Composites:

Most of our products are available in fibreglass, carbon fibre, and carbon kevlar (aramid).  We pride ourselves not only in the quality of our products, but also our ability to provide the product just right for your needs and budget, whether you require ultra – lightweight panels for race performance, the impressive aesthetics of our superb exposed weave carbon finish, or both!  This is why we have developed our carbon fibre products in three different options to meet the full range of weight and aesthetic requirements, as well as offering many of our fibreglass panels in either ‘ultralite’ or ‘heavy duty’ options, depending on whether your car is intended for the track or road.  You can read more about these options on our Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass pages.


We are particularly interested in improving our customers performance on the race track, and therefore many of our products have been developed not only with weight but also aerodynamics in mind.  We are continually developing our products and ideas in this area, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help your track performance.

Bespoke carbon designs:

Whilst we offer an extensive range of automotive panelwork, particularly for the classic Mini, we are always happy to consider producing one-off bespoke products to suit your individual needs (within or outside of the automotive sphere).  For examples, we have supplied tailor-made composite products for leading artists, prominent garden show displays, and have drawn the interest of fashion set designers by the gloss and glamour of our exposed weave carbon finish.

The Staff

The Arc Angels train every member of the workshop staff in the specialist skills required for advanced composite manufacturing. We operate on an innovative and highly motivational work plan. This is why you will find all the staff are always happy to help, and prepared to go the extra mile to meet your specific needs.

The Staff members:

Tristan White – Director:  Tristan founded The Arc Angels in 2003, and has enjoyed working hard to develop new composite manufacturing techniques, which bring more and more advanced products to you at sensible prices.

George-Apprentice Laminator: A hard worker and a master craftsman. If you want it made out of carbon fibre, then George is your man. He has always had a close attention to detail, which is what has helped give Arc Angels its reputation for quality.

Peter Meyrick – Steel/Aluminium Fabricator: Peter has a wide range of skills gained through his time in different areas of fabrication. He is an expert welder in both Tig and Mig welding, and has a good understanding of business which has helped with streamlining the ‘Hardware’ division of the business.

Annabel White – Website/Sales: Annabel supports the business with marketing and web design.

Lydia Taylor – Finance/Admin: Lydia heads up the administrative side of the business and manages the accounts.