NEW Streetwise Mini Fibreglass Doors.

NEW- Streetwise doors ( Mini Fibreglass Doors )

Here at Arc Angels Automotive, we are always trying to steer what we do towards what you want. It makes business sense, and It helps you out too. Our Mini Fibreglass Doors have been popular since the first set we sold, but its time to add to the recipe.

Based on the last 6 years that we have been offering our composite Mk3 doors, we have had loads of positive feedback, ”the doors are so much tougher than the last set of fibreglass doors I bought” They are lightweight, yet still work on a road car, ”They fit brilliantly, and the internal locking device is a much simpler way of opening the door from the inside”.

 One reoccurring comment is: I wish I could fit wind up windows!

After two years of development, talks with other manufacturers/suppliers, we have come up with a solution; Our Streetwise Doors.

What have we changed?

We have incorporated extruded aluminium channels in the door hoops, which allow sliding windows to be fitted. After talks with a polycarbonate window manufacturing company, we now have bespoke windows, specially for these doors. The doors come complete with Marguard Lexan polycarbonate windows, seals, and a lock (which can only be opened from the inside) to make the doors secure and safe.

The Extruded aluminium channel is bonded into the frame of the window during the laminating process. This makes a door frame as rigid as the original steel versions!

Will the windows scratch?

As with any clear transparent product, scratches are impossible to completely avoid, however, the marguard scratch resistant windows bring polycarbonate to a new level of scratch resistance. The doors have been intentionally designed so the windows don’t contact each other, this prevents the horizontal scratches you often see when the panes have been dragged past each other. We can’t guarantee the windows against scratching (in the same way glass manufacturers won’t) but put it this way, you will be impressed.

Are the windows easy to open and close?

The mechanism to open the window is simple, A black anodised lever is lifted which unlocks the window and the window slides forwards. The lever is lowered in two possible positions to lock the window open (fully or partially open).

Why not wind up windows?

We looked in detail about the possibility of wind up windows. The main issue being that of weight and complexity. One of the main reasons to fit composite doors is for weight saving, the heavy window mechanism is too cumbersome for the lightweight doors and defeats the point of weight saving. Furthermore, a lot of the strength of Arc Angels doors is due to the closed panel design. The fact that the inner and outer skins join right the way around the door gives massive strength benefits. With the top of the door open (allowing a window to go up and down) the hoop becomes flexible and does not maintain its shape at higher speeds. Liechtenstein The sliding two piece windows give the same results as wind up windows, but you can maintain a clean simple finish to the inside of the doors due to no window winder being present.

How much do they cost?

We are buying the components in bulk to make these doors, meaning the price is only going up by £150 per pair. Remember this includes the windows, seals, channels, lock and doors