Carbon Fibre CNC Machining! Affordable prices for cutting your carbon fibre parts!

Coasters being cut

We’re proud to announce our new Carbon Fibre Cutting CNC fascility is ready!  But What does this mean?

It means we are now able to precision cut custom shapes, profiles, drill holes, slots, engrave carbon fibre (and fibreglass). Its an exciting development, we are one of only a handful of UK manufacturers to be machining carbon fibre in this way. Cutting carbon fibre isnt the easiest of tasks, the dust is abrasive, messy and hazardous. with this cutting fascility, the process is contained, and we even re-cycle the dust we make!

What can it make?

The answer is; pretty much anything, as long as yoiu can cut it from flat sheet. Ideas include, Brackets, supports, placemats, keyrings, business cards, clip boards, if you can imagine it, we can probably make it!    It could be the answer your looking for, carbon fibre has so many uses, and is often much more suitable than other materials. The joy with carbon fibre, is we can create a panel with the structural requirements for your application, so if you have a bracket that is made from aluminium, and vibrations mean it keeps cracking, we can design and create the perfect composite replacement, we can use flexible resins, heat resistant resins, andcombined with advanced construction tecniques, create a lightweight, weather resistant, and very asthetically pleasing part.

Please send any ideas or enquiries you have to Tristan White@ and he will be pleased to assist you with your creation/solution.


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