Introducing Telos Sports Cars in association with The Arc Angels.

The Arc Angels are proud to be working with Telos Sports Cars.

The Arc Angels are working alongside the Telos chassis designers and fabricators, to produce the ultra low drag high down-force bodywork set giving the Telos S1 its unique aggressive appearance. The bodywork utilises underfloor aerodynamic aids, which offer massive levels of  down-force with very low drag to aid cornering and braking. The customer is the centre of attention when it comes to designing the aerodynamic package which is tailored to the requirements and the type of competition the car will be used for.

Telos Sports Cars was founded in 2011 by Tristan White. The ‘S1’ project has been evolving since day one to produce a championship winning car.

The car utilises pull-rod suspension that operates along side the cutting edge aerodynamics,  and a fully adjustable anti roll system which offers adjustable anti dive and anti squat.  The chassis has been designed, structurally analysed and built to offer a very safe place for the driver, yet offering an ultra low centre of gravity and superlight weight design (the bare chassis weighs 38kg)

OB race engines have designed and developed the unique engine that will be powering the Telos S1.  Its a v8 1.8L unit, fitted with a dry sump system, revving to 12000RPM weighing just over 70 kg and boasting an impressive 320BHP!

Drive to the wheels is via a six speed sequential straight cut gearbox. The Telos Hypashift system is used to control the gearshift, allowing super fast clutch-less gear changes via paddles on the steering wheel. The Hypashift system also has outputs which allow upgrades such as Traction control, and active inlet trumpet length for even greater torque..