Carbon Fibre Options

Using a range of cutting edge technologies and exclusive techniques, we have developed our range of Carbon Fibre specifications to provide you with the very best products to meet both your performance and aesthetic requirements.

Carbon Fibre – The panel options exclusive to The Arc Angels

We have developed three options to choose from regarding the structure of our carbon fibre panels, ranging from an introductory option which is popular for customers who want the carbon fibre benefits with an element of weight saving, through to a more advanced option where performance is the priority.  With each option there is a further choice of whether to have the carbon weave exposed (visible from the outside of the panel) or not. The additional benefit of an exposed weave panel, is that the finishing has been done for you, no painting, clear-coating, or lacquering is required as the panel is ready supplied clear coated. You won’t find unsightly pinholes, air bubbles or stray strands in the surface due to our special manufacturing techniques, and the UV resistant resin system gives a look that lasts for years.

   Hybrid Carbon Fibre

The Hybrid option we provide uses genuine 2×2 twill weave carbon fibre with CSM (chopped strand mat, fibreglass).  This is popular as it is the least expensive carbon option but still stronger than pure fibreglass due to the unmatchable characteristics of the carbon fibre. We also offer this option with the carbon weave showing.

100% Carbon Fibre

The final option is the ultimate in performance, offering the toughest panel, but amazingly with the least weight. This option uses 100% Carbon Fibre with an epoxy based resin in place of the polyester resin.  Epoxy resin is much tougher than polyester resin, and due to this fact less resin and layers of laminate are required, making the finished product very light as well as rigid.  This is as close as you can get to Formula 1 panel specification whilst still being surprisingly affordable.

The Arc Angels exposed weave finish

Our carbon products come with the option of either a gel coat or an exposed weave finish.  The latter involves a greater cost due to the added time and skill in creating such an aesthetically impressive finish, but is very popular with our customers, who acknowledge the supreme quality of the finish we provide.

Our exposed weave panels are made using a crystal clear resin (which is specially blended to our unique specifications). The resin is ultra violet resistant to ensure the finish retains it’s clarity and does not cloud or discolour over time.  for the majority of our carbon products we also use a 2X2 A grade twill weave fabric in the construction, which gives this panel the ‘showcar’ look.

Carbon Kevlar (aramid)

Our products are also available in Carbon Kevlar (aramid).  Carbon/kevlar hybrid fabrics have been used for many applications where the rigidity of carbon is required along with the impact resistance of kevlar.  The carbon kevlar option is therefore very tough yet remains very lightweight, and also gives your car a more unique appearance.

Core Materials and Flat Sheet

Many of our advanced composite products will contain Core materials. The idea of a core material is to increase the overall thickness of the product, (which increases stiffness) without increasing weight significantly. Think of corrugated cardboard. The weight of the corrugated cardboard is much less than what it would be if the overall thickness was made of solid cardboard, yet the stiffness is only slightly less.

We use different ‘cores’ for different purposes. The most common core material we use is foam core (airex). This provides great strength to weight ratio and produces a very light weight yet rigid panel. Honey comb (nomex and aluminium) balsa, marine ply, sphere core are also used for different applications in our lightweight panels.

Our Flat sheet is available with a PU foam core. This is the most common and easily workable material for the finished sheet. We can custom manufacture sheets with inserts, varying core types and thicknesses and finishes

Aluminium Honeycomb creates massive strength when combined with carbon fibre.

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